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Paperfork is just more than a typical customer relationship management system we give you a diverse system to manage your valuable customer

Our Optimized Key Features

Psychological Profile

Colorful Notes

Find a Customer​

Your To-Dos

Add a Customer

Customer Profile

Add Deals

Create an Associate

Simple Usable Trackable

Manage Your Customer


Give you a quick and short description about your customer and shows quick summary about your business deals with the exact customer.


Persona is a personal portrait that has been observed by the business and put into a database where all the information on fellow associates is stored for their business benefit.

This will help you to understand how to manage a perfect relationship with the customer.


You can add notes and can keep track about the customer.


Notes is a learning reference point for your team where they can organize and analyze information received from experiences rendered and stay focused on the Customer


A ToDo helps govern the direction of your service/business towards a Customer and gives you a clear accountability.


You can add deals to the exact customer and can keep track about the progress of the deal


You can add deals to specific customers and keep track of the progress of the deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t point out one everything in the system is important to handle customers.

You will  be able to build a profound relationship with your customers based on the history that you are sharing with your customers.

Yes we offer free sign ups for the first 100 organizations.

Yes we are here to help you. you can contact us through the contact us page.

Yes. We have strict access controls to our servers and 3 tier offsite backups in place to protect your data.

Yes, you are the owner of your data and you can delete all of your data anytime

Absolutely not. We respect your privacy and all your data is strictly between you and our servers.

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